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In an era where news is available for everyone, Madrid Universal aims to go one step further by producing both informative and enlightening content. Madrid Universal has always sought to connect with Madrid’s top clubs and football fans all around the world by bringing unique and sensible perspectives to the sport which has made so many people fall in love with it.

Thus, at Madrid Universal we have always been moved by four pillars: to inform, to inspire, to be unique, and to enjoy.

First, informing and educating must be brought to the foreground as, regrettably, in nowaday’s throwaway culture, the here and now seems to be the only thing that matters. Therefore, our goal is to make the substance far more relevant than the headlines and produce and share truthful information rather than the so common misinformation.

Secondly, inspiring the reader or consumer is the fuel for which we create content as we try to compel and make an impact on people. We want to make people feel more fulfilled after reading each of our articles or interacting with us. We don’t want to reach only the surface, but to cause a wow in every single one of our users. We want to make them savour the small things of everyday life a bit more.

Thirdly, being unique is not about us, but about you. It is not – exclusively – about wanting Madrid Universal to be distinguished from all the other platforms, but about giving fans quality content and writing that can be found nowhere else. Many outlets are referential in the sharing of information, but to inform while compelling the users, the originality must make all the difference. Here you will not find the usual purely objective reports with little essence, but you will discover a level of detail and analysis that can be found nowhere else in this form. As much as what matters, the how and the why are what separates us from all other platforms.

Last but not least, enjoying the process encompasses both writers and readers, and at Madrid Universal, the customer experience is optimised so that each person can focus on what really matters. The experience is clean and smooth, helping you pay your full attention to the unique content and writing you will find here.

Thus, Madrid Universal’s website encapsulates the positives of a printed newspaper, being classic, relaxed, and without distractions, as well as the positives of a digital platform where interactions are fluid. The articles you will encounter here will generate knowledge but also provoke smart debate and open people’s minds through interesting and compelling stories and perspectives.

Madrid Universal is about maturity, love, style, and transparency. Truthful information is combined with sensible opinion; clarity with verified information; intelligent discussions with non-negotiable respect for the fans’ different points of view.

Whether it is through the website or any other medium, what matters is that the relationship between Madrid Universal and users is mutual and that the content produced and consumed is rich, insightful, wise, and uncommon.

– The Madrid Universal Team

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