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Ancelotti talks Hazard, Bale, Carvajal, Ceballos ahead of Atletico Madrid clash



Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

There is little to nothing stopping Real Madrid right now, who are on an unprecedented run of form in all competitions.

After hammering Espanyol 4-0 last week to win the La Liga title for the 2021/22 season, they did the impossible, overturning a two-goal lead against Manchester City in less than two minutes.

The team is headed to the Champions League final and have become the only team not named Barcelona to wrap up the league in May in the 21st century.

Undoubtedly, this would be a bad time to face Carlo Ancelotti’s men. Atletico Madrid need to do just that, though, as they host Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Ahead of the derby in the Spanish capital, Madrid Universal follows Carlo Ancelotti’s press conference.

On the players: “The players are pretty fine but some of them have not recovered yet after the City game.”

“I have some doubts about who will play against Atletico. I’ll decided it tomorrow. Alaba, Isco, Bale and Hazard won’t be available.”

On Thibaut Courtois: “Lunin will start tomorrow. Courtois will rest.”

On Eden Hazard: “Hazard will start training with the team next week.”

On the end of the season: “These La Liga games are important for us because we can keep our rhythm. We respect the competition and this club.”

On Atletico’s decision to not give a guard of honour: “Guard of honour from Atletico? They can do what they want. We respect Atletico Madrid a lot, if they don’t do it we will still respect them.”

“As an Italian, I’m not used to give a guard of honour. If Atletico don’t do it? No problem, we will still respect them.”

On Gareth Bale: “Bale? All the players love him and Bale love them. He can’t train due to his back pain.”

“Bale didn’t celebrate La Liga with his teammates because he can’t move.”

On Madrid’s incredible season: “I have never had a season like this one. If we win the Champions League this will be the best season of my career.”

On continuing at Madrid: “If everything goes well I could stay here until I’m 80 (laughs). I enjoy this club a lot. You won’t find a better team than Real Madrid.”

“If Real Madrid get tired of me then I could think about it (retiring).”

“No club is bigger than Real Madrid. Finishing my long career here would be perfect. But I want to stay here many years.”

On Dani Carvajal: “Carvajal has suffered a lot due to his injuries but he’s a fundamental player for us. He’s never given up. Carvajal is helping us a lot now.”

On Dani Ceballos: “Ceballos? I spoke with him and he knows what I think about him, the club knows it too. Now he has to decide what it’s best for his career. If he stays I’ll be delighted.”

Source: Real Madrid Twitter

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Real Madrid News

Real Madrid want to bring radical changes in Spanish refereeing system – report



Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Jose Felix Diaz has reported via MARCA that Real Madrid want a major change in the Spanish refereeing system.

The reporter writes that the team from the Spanish capital has taken the issue as their top priority mostly because of what happened in the recent derby defeat against Atletico Madrid

Los Blancos are determined to relentlessly steer a significant overhaul of the refereeing structure, and they have no intention of resting in their pursuit. 

Their discontent comes not only from recent events, particularly the contentious derby match but also from a deep-seated frustration with the state of refereeing itself.

Real Madrid not hiding their discontent

The journalist mentions that Real Madrid are unapologetic about their continuous criticism of the refereeing community, firmly believing that a transformation is of utmost importance.

Even prior to the emergence of the Negreira case, the Merengues had been vocal about their dissatisfaction with those responsible for overseeing the refereeing unit. 

For what it is worth, the revelation of the former vice president of the CTA’s financial ties to Barcelona only solidified Real Madrid’s resolve to advocate for a complete overhaul in referee management.

Real Madrid are not happy with refereeing decisions (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

Real Madrid are suspicious

Real Madrid firmly assert that any influence from Negreira’s historical decisions in certain key positions raises suspicions about the fairness of the competition. 

For that, the management will do everything in its power to achieve a certain level of transparency within the organization that it believes is currently overshadowed by historical baggage.

As of today, Real Madrid continue to voice their concerns through their official channels.

Right now their ultimate goal is to eliminate the involvement of Clos Gomez in VAR decisions, marking the beginning of a long-standing battle they are fighting.

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