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Authors – Let us introduce ourselves

We are proud of the team of authors we have over at Madrid Universal.

Let us introduce you to the people that produce our content.

Udhav Arora

Udhav is a London-based football journalist with five years of experience as a sports content writer. He has been Barça Universal’s Editor-in-Chief since 2019 and Madrid Universal’s since 2022. With a masters in Media and Communication, Udhav is a passionate photographer and director who has worked in the music industry since 2020 as a visual artist. A Barcelona fan since 2010, he does his best work analysing players and creating creative football content.

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    Raghavendra Goudar

    Formerly a Mechanical Engineer, Raghavendra has more than five years experience in digital publishing. He has worked for multiple media outlets in India, and is currently employed at Barça Universal and Madrid Universal, as the Chief Editor. As a football writer, Raghavendra covers the latest news related to Barça and Real Madrid, as well as pre-game and post-game coverage for all matches involving both clubs.

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      Aaryan Parasnis

      Aaryan is a London-based member of the editorial team for TwelfthMan Ltd. With a masters in sports journalism, he works on delivering all of UEFA’s official publications, including the official magazine of the UEFA Champions League: Champions Journal, where he writes bespoke content and interviews some of the biggest names in football. He has been an editor for Barça Universal since 2021, and has a total of five years experience in writing, editing and social media for various platforms and publications.

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        Adithya Eshwarla

        Adithya is a Bangalore-based journalist writing exclusively for Barça Universal and Madrid Universal who specialises in covering news, analysis and match coverage. As an avid follower of Spanish football, he enjoys the position of writing about the sport and taking an in-depth dive into the stories behind the scenes. Adithya has over 4 years of experience in sports journalism and has previously freelanced on Quora and Sportskeeda. Love for sports runs in his blood, but Barcelona has his heart.

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          Shahraiz Sajjad

          Shahraiz is a Pakistan-based content creator who exclusively plies his trade with Barcauniversal and Madriduniversal. With above four years of experience as a writer, he has acquired expertise in the field of news coverage, analysis and match reviews. An ineffable love for writing and graphic design has led to him amassing 60,000 followers on his social platforms, Barca Divine. Moreover, his online presence has allowed him to collaborate with some of the biggest media platforms – including the official FC Barcelona channel.

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            Swapnil Bhopatkar

            Fueling wanderlust on two wheels, Swapnil embarks on daring motorcycle journeys across unexplored terrains. When not cruising, he pens evocative stories, blending his love for football into captivating narratives.

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              Anas Ali

              Anas is a Mumbai-based journalist, who is currently working as an Assistant Producer. He specialises in covering markets, technology and global economics. But Anas’ other passion lies in covering football. Having covered football for various major news outlets, Anas keeps track of La Liga and the Bundesliga.

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