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Barcelona president bitter about Real Madrid’s alleged hand in ‘Negreira case’



Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has made strong accusations against Real Madrid, claiming that the club has been engaging in unfair practices related to the Negreira Case. 

He also added that it is Real Madrid who benefit the most from referee decisions.

During a detailed interview on ‘Barça One’, Laporta was eager to address various issues, including the contentious Negreira Case. 

He did not hold back in criticising Real Madrid’s role in this matter, accusing them of historically receiving preferential treatment from referees.

Real Madrid played dirty – Laporta

Laporta’s remarks came in the wake of a Barcelona Court decision that cleared him of any wrongdoing in the Negreira Case. 

Feeling vindicated, Laporta took the opportunity to criticise Real Madrid, suggesting that their involvement in the case was an underhanded tactic designed to extend the controversy for an additional six months, which he viewed as a direct attack on Barcelona.

Laporta expressed his confusion over why Real Madrid decided to get involved in the Negreira Case, especially since, in his view, they have always been the ones who benefited from favourable referee decisions. 

Joan Laporta has accused Real Madrid favouritism. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)

He suggested that Real Madrid’s actions were hypocritical and served to unjustly tarnish Barcelona’s reputation.

“Real Madrid has played very dirty with us and with the reports against the referees on Real Madrid TV. With this, they have turned history around,” said Laporta as quoted by MARCA.

“Nobody can prove that we have bought matches or referees because we did not do it,” he added.

A jibe at Real Madrid TV

Laporta’s accusations are rooted in his belief that Real Madrid’s influence extends beyond just the Negreira Case and touches on a broader history of biased refereeing that has consistently worked in their favour. 

He used this platform to highlight what he sees as a systemic issue in Spanish football, where Real Madrid are often seen as the benefactor of referee decisions, casting a shadow over the fairness of the sport.

“The fact that Madrid appeared and extended the investigation for six months is a very dirty move. Everything is not worth it to win, but they have played this card, which I don’t know why they play it, because all the controversial arbitration decisions fall on their side. 

“They are a club favoured by the referees. And it’s not just this appearance, but everything they launch from their television. They spin the story. 

“They live in a reality that does not exist because if there is a club favoured by the referees it is Real Madrid, not Barça,” he expressed

Through his comments, Laporta aimed to shift the narrative surrounding the Negreira Case, portraying Barcelona as a victim of a targeted campaign by Real Madrid to destabilise their rivals. 

By framing the situation this way, Laporta sought to rally Barcelona supporters and reinforce the idea that their club is being unfairly targeted while Real Madrid continue to benefit from historical biases.

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Real Madrid News

Spain midfielder credits Real Madrid assistant manager for career success



Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Spain’s European Championship campaign so far has been one filled with revelations. From young Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams on the wings to the ever-so-solid midfield, La Roja have impressed across the park and have taken the tournament by storm.

One such player who has played a critical role for the team despite not being in many pundits’ squad for the tournament is Fabian Ruiz. The PSG midfielder has been sensational for Luis de la Fuente’s men so far, scoring once and providing one assist in two games.

Despite not having any direct links with Real Madrid, the Spanish midfielder interestingly credits Davide Ancelotti for his success and AS brings the story.

A chapter in Naples

Fabian Ruiz may have never played for Los Blancos in his career so far, but he crossed paths with the Ancelottis in Naples a few years ago.

Ruiz signed for the Italian club from Real Betis in 2018 for a fee of €30 million. At the time, he was not known widely and was just seen as another routine Spanish midfielder aspiring to make it big.

As revealed by the player in a recent interview, however, it was Carlo Ancelotti’s son and Real Madrid assistant manager Davide Ancelotti who first saw the spark in him.

“Meeting him was a very important step in my career. From the beginning, he backed me, and it was not easy to pay what Napoli paid for me, a player who had not played much in La Liga with Betis.”

“If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here. I have a very good relationship and friendship with him,” he added.

Fabian Ruiz credits Davide Ancelotti for his success. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

A special eye

Ruiz’s comments on Davide Ancelotti only make it clearer as to why Carlo Ancelotti holds his son’s advice in high regard. It is, after all, a testament to the tactician’s keen eye for special talent.

As revealed earlier this year, it was the manager’s son who suggested Joselu’s substitution against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League semifinals when the team was on the brink of elimination.

What happened next was history as the veteran scored twice within minutes to turn the game around and send the Bavarians crashing out.

Davide has been rumoured to be interested in walking his own path soon as a specialist coach, but as it stands, will continue working under his father for at least one more year at Real Madrid.

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