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Brazil FA president continues to insist on Ancelotti appointment: “Has vision and courage”



Photo by MAURO PIMENTEL/AFP via Getty Images

Despite suggestions that Carlo Ancelotti will continue as Real Madrid’s manager next season, the Brazilian footballing association has yet to give up their hopes on securing his services in the coming summer.

In a recent interview, Brazilin FA president Ednaldo Rodrigues has confirmed Ancelotti continues to be his first choice option, in his bid to find a new manager for the Selecao.

“Our plan A continues to be exactly that (hiring Ancelotti). We have a feeling that this can work. We are going to wait for the end of the competition (the Spanish League). There is already a champion who is Barcelona, ​​but we are going to wait until the competition ends because we have the intuition that it can work,” he told Band (h/t MARCA).

When pointed out how Ancelotti has downplayed the rumours linking him to Brazil, Ednaldo said, “If I were in his place, with a contract in force, I would not detract from the company that hired me to do that either.”

Ednaldo went on to confirm that Brazil are looking for a coach who can not only take care of the senior side but lead a project that also involves the youth teams.

“He (Ancelotti) is a coach who has that vision and has the courage to place new talents to play. Therefore, without detracting from any other coach, whom we respect – and Brazil has many coaches whom we appreciate because they are competent, we are still waiting,” he said.

The Brazilian FA president said he hopes to have greater clarity about the Brazilian team coach later this summer. “We hope to be able to have a clearer position already in June and that we can speak with greater conviction,” he said.

Ednaldo said Brazil are looking for other options as well, but hinted that the priority remains Ancelotti. He added that the Selecao are keen on not only participating in the next World Cup but also winning the competition.

“They are very important names. We follow the work of Dorival, Abel and Diniz. We have seen all the important work they have done and we also observe others that are important and that I do not mention but of which I can say that they are competent”, he said.

“Whatever the situation, the only sure thing is that the CBF will choose the one it considers best for the next cycle. And the cycle is not just playing the next World Cup but also winning the World Cup,” he concluded.

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Real Madrid News

Benzema talks Vinicius, Mbappe, Ballon d’Or, decision to leave Real Madrid




Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images

Last Saturday marked a special moment for Real Madrid fans as Karim Benzema, the former captain and Ballon d’Or winner, made his return to Spain. 

This visit was his first in over a year and has generated significant excitement among his supporters. Benzema, now playing for Al Ittihad, was set to participate in a pre-season friendly match against Elche at Estadi Olímpic Camilo Cano.

The Al Ittihad team had been gearing up for the new season by holding training sessions in Benidorm, a well-known Spanish coastal town that is a favourite among tourists. 

This picturesque setting has provided a perfect backdrop for the team’s preparations, blending hard work with the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean coast.

Benzema’s return to Spain is not just about playing one match. The 36-year-old striker is also set to face two of his old rivals in upcoming games. 

Al Ittihad has scheduled matches against Sevilla on July 26 and Real Betis on August 3. These encounters are highly anticipated, as Benzema has a long history with both clubs from his time in La Liga.

Real Madrid hold a special place

During a recent training session, Benzema took some time to sit down for an interview with MARCA, he shared his thoughts on his return to Spain and his enduring connection to Real Madrid. 

Real Madrid will have a special place in Karim Benzema’s life. (Photo by ANDER GILLENEA/AFP via Getty Images)

Benzema made it clear that, despite moving on to a new chapter in his career, Real Madrid will always hold a special place in his heart.

“[Last season was] spectacular, very good. Real Madrid are always the best team in the world. Players come and go, but Real Madrid will always be at the top, at the very top. It is the best and will continue to prove it,” he began saying.

“Joy. A lot,” said when asked about Madrid’s recent UEFA Champions League triumph. 

“It’s my team and I will always be on the side of Real Madrid and my teammates. It’s logical. Real Madrid is Real Madrid, something unique.”

Decision to leave Real Madrid

The 36-year-old forward left Real Madrid last year and when asked if he regrets he decision, he added,

“Some come and others go. It’s like that and it will always happen. It was the right moment. Of course, I look back and feel happy. 

“Last season they gave a sensation of power, of good football and that’s why they won the Champions League and the League. Today I don’t see any other team that can be better than Real Madrid,” he said.

Furthermore, when asked if there is any team capable of threatening Real Madrid, he said, 

“It’s the best team in the world. It’s always strong and fighting for everything. I stand there, look around and don’t see any team that’s capable of being better.”

Benzema picks Vini Jr for Ballon d’Or

Karim Benzema says Vinicius Jr deserves to win the Ballon d’Or. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)

This year’s race for the Ballon d’Or is going to heat up as multiple players have made the case for themselves. However, Benzema thinks that Vinicius must win the honour.

“Ballon d’Or? I’m going to say Vini because he deserves it for his season and not just for what he’s done this year, but also for what he’s done last year. 

“He was also above the rest with his football and what he does with the ball. He’s a kid, a complete footballer”

Speaking about Vinicius, he added, “He can win a game on his own, of course with the help of his teammates, but he is very good when Real Madrid needs him and that is why I think he deserves it. 

“He is always there and he always shows up. For all of that, my favourite is Vini.”

Benzema’s thoughts on Mbappe

Karim Benzema says Kylian Mbappe was destined for Real Madrid. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

The 2023/24 season had no owner of the number 9 shirt at Real Madrid, but Mbappe’s arrival has now fulfilled that. Speaking about his compatriot’s move, Benzema explained,

“Sooner or later he will play for Real Madrid. I have always thought that and that is what has happened. He is a great player.”

Lastly, when asked about Madrid’s dominance and if they can repeat the success of last season, he said, 

“Of course, of course. Really. I just don’t see a team that can be better than Real Madrid. Really. They have everything. Players, coach and president.”

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