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Javier Tebas used funds from La Liga clubs to launch an attack against Real Madrid – report



Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

Spanish media publication El Espanol has come up with a hard-hitting piece, which sheds light on Javier Tebas’ alleged use of La Liga funds to commission a report from members of the Transparency International, a well-known anti-corruption NGO.

The firm had released a report on Real Madrid’s opposition to La Liga’s broadcasting rights deal with CVC, offering to take La Liga’s side and criticising Real Madrid, instead of offering impartial analysis.

Collaborating with lawyers from A25, which are also collaborators of Transparency International, El Espanol claims Tebas used the money received from La Liga clubs to launch scathing attacks on Real Madrid.

The Spanish giants were one of the clubs to oppose the CVC deal, labelling it as illegal and one that damaged the fabric of Spanish football.

Real Madrid’s decision had not gone down well with La Liga, who wanted to close the deal. And the league’s president, Tebas, in particular, was quite vocal about Los Blancos, criticising the club at every turn.

Now, with El Espanol putting out a report on the alleged siphoning of funds to launch a well-motivated campaign to not only criticise Real Madrid but also to defame the club, it appears as if Tebas has become a problem for Spanish football.

The La Liga supremo Tebas had previously threatened to withhold a portion of Real Madrid’s television rights revenue due to their refusal to accept the CVC agreement, which further intensified the tensions between the club and LaLiga.

Real Madrid’s support for the European Super League did not go well with the Spaniard either, who continues to publicly defame the club, in an attempt to justify his positions. It will be interesting to see how he responds to this revealing report from El Espanol.

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Real Madrid News

Real Madrid midfielder set for a change in roles heading into the new season




(Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images

Federico Valverde, the dynamic midfielder for Real Madrid, is once again on the cusp of adapting to a new role under the guidance of coach Carlo Ancelotti, reports Mario Calderon for Mundo Deportivo

Valverde’s remarkable versatility has been a key asset for Real Madrid, allowing him to excel in various positions on the field. This adaptability has been crucial for the team, and it seems another transformation is on the horizon for the 25-year-old Uruguayan.

The team chances and so does Valverde

His potential shift in role comes amid changes within the team, notably the reassignment of the number ‘8’ shirt to Toni Kroos. 

The German midfielder’s responsibility for constructing the game will likely be shared among several players to ensure a seamless transition.

Here, Valverde’s ability to quickly grasp new concepts will be a significant advantage for both him and Ancelotti. Even during the current period, with many players still absent, Ancelotti is already strategizing on how to best integrate everyone into the team dynamics without compromising performance.

Federico Valverde might play a different role at Real Madrid next season. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Marcelo Bielsa must be credited

Valverde’s recent experiences with the Uruguayan national team in the Copa America under coach Marcelo Bielsa have further honed his skills. 

Bielsa entrusted Valverde with the captain’s armband and deployed him in a deeper role, where he was responsible for initiating plays from the back alongside his teammate, PSG’s young pivot, Manuel Ugarte. 

This experience has enriched Valverde’s understanding of the game, adding another layer to his already impressive skill set.

As the new season approaches, Valverde will need to re-establish himself in whatever role Ancelotti deems fit—be it as a winger, a pivot, or even a full-back, a position he has previously played under former coach Zinedine Zidane. 

Regardless of where he is positioned, Valverde’s importance to the team is undeniable. His versatility, coupled with his ability to adapt quickly, makes him a pivotal player for Real Madrid’s upcoming campaign.

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