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‘No one is supporting me’ – Vinicius breaks down in tears during press conference



Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images

Despite his undeniable talent, Vinicius has often found himself standing alone in the face of prejudice, with the player dealing with the harsh reality that the color of his skin often overshadows the brilliance of his play.

Vinicius has been dealing with racism ever since he stepped foot in La Liga, with shameful incidents occurring most recently against Atletico Madrid two months ago.

But even on social media and the digital realm, the forward has been unable to avoid the concerning theme of racism.

Now, as he takes the field for the Brazilian national team, Vinicius shared his thoughts and emotions during Brazil’s pre-match press conference ahead of their encounter with Spain.

“Verbal racism happens not only in Spain but also throughout the world. Every day I go home I get sadder. Nobody is supporting me,” he confessed with a heavy heart.

When questioned about his attitude, Vinicius acknowledged, “Of course, I have a lot to improve, I’m still 23 years old, and it’s a natural progress. I have less and less will to play.”

“I just want to play football. I want the best for me and my family,” he added.

With questions regarding racism downpouring, the scars of racism etched on to him were laid bare for all to see as the 23-year-old broke down: “Sorry, I just want to play football, do everything for my club and my family.”

“I just want to play football […] I’ve thought about quitting,” he declared.

Despite his unfortunate grievances, Vinicius Jr. exemplifies strength by continuing to show his presence and voice in the public sphere.

“With each complaint, I feel worse, but I have to appear here and show my face. I have asked for help from UEFA, FIFA, Conmebol, and CBF, which are large groups and can fight against that,” the winger remarked.

“Now I understand more about racism, I have studied it, and that is why I speak with such propriety.

Mohamed Ali was an example, and I am here to speak on behalf of Brazilians. Because many defend me in this,” Vinicius stated.

The South American forward claimed he draws strength from his family and those who endure similar struggles.

“I draw strength from the family, from the people who suffer because I know where I came from, from a place that did not have much of a future.

“Just by being here I am already a winner, regardless of winning or losing a game. There is many people still suffering,” he exclaimed.

Vinicius Jr. breaks down in tears after questions about racism. (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images)

He took on the responsibility of continuing to fight racism, stating: “I’m not fighting against Spanish football fans, I’m fighting against racism in the world.”

“I’m sure Spain is not a racist country, but there are many racists and many of them are in the stadiums. We have to change because many of them don’t know what racism is.

“They insult me ​​about the color of my skin to make me play badly, they can tell me many other things and I’m not going to tell them anything. I hope I can go to the pitches and not think about what could happen,” Vinicius added.

Vinicius emphasises no accountability and lack of punishment

Vinicius acknowledged the lack of accountability particularly upsets him as harsher punishments should be practiced to mitigate the theme of racism.

“The lack of punishment is what frustrates me the most, that all those people leave without anything happening to them after what they do.

“A case was filed in Barcelona and I would like it not to happen so that people stop saying what they say. So that children don’t say those things, because it’s true that when I was a child I didn’t know what racism was.

Vinicius will continue to fight racism

Vinicius affirmed that he has never entertained the notion of departing Spain, as he would be giving the racists exactly what they want.

“I have never thought about leaving Spain, because that would be giving the racists what they want. I’m not going to leave the best club in the world.”

“The racists are a minority, I’m going to remain firm and strong because the president and the club support me,” he professed.

While these challenges weigh heavily, the Champions League winner exemplified his status as a Real Madrid player does not allow him to throw in the towel, as he said:

“As I am a daring player, who plays for Madrid and we win many titles…it’s very complicated. Racists are a minority. I will not let them win.”

He further added that he has the support of the club and President Florentino Perez: “I’m going to continue at Real Madrid because the President supports me, the club supports me and I’m going to keep winning many things.”

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Real Madrid News

Spain midfielder credits Real Madrid assistant manager for career success



Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Spain’s European Championship campaign so far has been one filled with revelations. From young Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams on the wings to the ever-so-solid midfield, La Roja have impressed across the park and have taken the tournament by storm.

One such player who has played a critical role for the team despite not being in many pundits’ squad for the tournament is Fabian Ruiz. The PSG midfielder has been sensational for Luis de la Fuente’s men so far, scoring once and providing one assist in two games.

Despite not having any direct links with Real Madrid, the Spanish midfielder interestingly credits Davide Ancelotti for his success and AS brings the story.

A chapter in Naples

Fabian Ruiz may have never played for Los Blancos in his career so far, but he crossed paths with the Ancelottis in Naples a few years ago.

Ruiz signed for the Italian club from Real Betis in 2018 for a fee of €30 million. At the time, he was not known widely and was just seen as another routine Spanish midfielder aspiring to make it big.

As revealed by the player in a recent interview, however, it was Carlo Ancelotti’s son and Real Madrid assistant manager Davide Ancelotti who first saw the spark in him.

“Meeting him was a very important step in my career. From the beginning, he backed me, and it was not easy to pay what Napoli paid for me, a player who had not played much in La Liga with Betis.”

“If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here. I have a very good relationship and friendship with him,” he added.

Fabian Ruiz credits Davide Ancelotti for his success. (Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

A special eye

Ruiz’s comments on Davide Ancelotti only make it clearer as to why Carlo Ancelotti holds his son’s advice in high regard. It is, after all, a testament to the tactician’s keen eye for special talent.

As revealed earlier this year, it was the manager’s son who suggested Joselu’s substitution against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League semifinals when the team was on the brink of elimination.

What happened next was history as the veteran scored twice within minutes to turn the game around and send the Bavarians crashing out.

Davide has been rumoured to be interested in walking his own path soon as a specialist coach, but as it stands, will continue working under his father for at least one more year at Real Madrid.

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