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Real Madrid feel ill-treatment of Vinicius is fueled by referees and clubs – report



Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

A few days ago, Real Madrid filed an official complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office against crimes of hatred and discrimination targeted towards star forward Vinicius Jr.

It is to be noted that the charges were filed against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid after the two set of supporters were heard chanting insults towards the 23-year-old forward.

While a decision is pending, Real Madrid are beginning to believe that the behaviour of opposing players targeting Vinicius, coupled with the unsportsmanlike chants from rival fans, is far from typical. 

According to journalist Jorge Picon (h/t RM4 Arab), the club is of the idea that such actions might be condoned by referees and club officials.

Calmness needed, at least from someone

During the Osasuna match, a simple protest towards the referee resulted in Martínez Munuera brandishing a yellow card, forcing Vinicius to sit out the upcoming tough game against Athletic due to suspension.

Despite warnings from the team, he continued to engage in heated exchanges, even confronting the rival bench on his way off the field. Throughout the match, he was subjected to insults from the fans, further fueling his fiery behaviour.

Vinicius received a yellow card against Osasuna for protesting. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)

His disciplinary record paints a concerning picture, with four yellow cards in the last four games and a total of five in the last seven. Surprisingly, most of these cards weren’t for fouls but rather for dissenting with referees, confronting opponents, time-wasting, or even celebratory actions.

Real Madrid want him out of trouble

Within the dressing room, there is a consistent effort to maintain focus and refrain from excessive protests. Players like Toni Kroos and Nacho have taken him under their wing, emphasizing the negative impact such behaviour can have on both him and the team. 

For what it is worth, Brahim Diaz even intervened during halftime against Osasuna to prevent him from further controversy.

Simultaneously, the team witnesses the constant targeting of Vini in every game, whether through physical challenges from opponents or verbal abuse from the crowd. The club voices its concerns, suggesting that referees and the clubs tolerate such behaviour.

Despite the need for improvement in his mental approach, the team acknowledges that the intense atmosphere only seems to fuel his performance. 

This was evident in a previous match against Valencia, where he responded to constant jeers with two goals. Hence, despite efforts to temper his behaviour, they recognize that his fiery nature is an integral part of his identity both on and off the field.

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Real Madrid News

Toni Kroos opens up on retirement decision – ‘I am sad at the moment’



Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Real Madrid have the opportunity to make this a historic season by lifting their 15th UEFA Champions League title.

But even in the event Madrid gets their hands on the trophy, the conclusion of the season will leave a bittersweet feeling as Toni Kroos is set to depart the club.

The German midfielder was urged to continue plying his trade in the Spanish Capital for another season since his timeless quality is yet to fade away, but Kroos remained firm on his decision.

Kroos opens up about retirement

Now, reflecting on his imminent departure from the club he has played 464 games with, Kroos has opened up about how the decision came about and his thought process.

“I am sad at the moment. Something that defined me, that gave so much fun and gave me so many positive memories is coming to an end,” Kroos professed on his podcast.

Kroos plays his final home game for Real Madrid tomorrow. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

However, he claims there is a slight silver lining about the news becoming public, as there is no more pressure on him to constantly answer questions about his future and focus solely on finishing his career in the best way possible.

“I am happy that the news is out. It is a relief because a lot of people were speculating and I didn’t feel like answering questions about my future all the time,” Kroos claimed.

The veteran midfielder adds that retiring was never a clear-cut decision as his emotions fluctuated frequently.

“Retiring was never a 100-0 decision. The feelings swing in other directions, in the days at the end it was maybe a 80-20 or 70-30 decision. And that 30% is what makes you feel something,” he said.

Furthermore, Kroos reveals that he shared the news of his retirement to Ancelotti first and foremost, then relayed his decision to his teammates.

“I told Carlo [Ancelotti] first that I’m retiring. Then the club, then Luka [Modric], Fede [Valverde], Lucas [Vazquez]…” he exclaimed.

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