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Real Madrid might earn €1 billion if ruling comes in favour of Super League – report



Photo by Borja B. Hojas/Getty Images

Real Madrid might get a financial injection of a whopping €1 billion if the ruling regarding the controversial Super League goes in their favour on December 21st, reports Mundo Deportivo.

The important thing here is a decision from the High European Court coming out next Thursday, the 21st as the clubs supporting this decision want it to create a set of rules. These rules would let teams join the Super League in the future without having to quit their national leagues and cups.

As of today, the aforementioned report says the plan is going well as there’s a bunch of money involved as investors are putting in €15 billion to kick off the competition. 

From that total, the investors will get to keep 15%, while Barcelona and Madrid will get a bonus for sticking with the project.

What time’s the ruling and what can be expected?

A decision will be taken on December 21st at 9:30 AM. After that, UEFA and La Liga will probably say they’ve won because the decision recognizes their right to organize football games.

But at the same time, A22 Sports Management, the company behind the Super League project, can also say they’ve won. The decision is likely to say that UEFA doesn’t have the only right to organize football tournaments.

In the game of monopoly, it’s important to have a fair set-up. The people in charge want a decision that shows how to create healthy competition according to EU rules, so one company doesn’t dominate everything, in this case, UEFA.

It’s not a fight of good and evil anymore

Before the decision is made, UEFA and ECA (European Club Association), along with Nasser Al-Khelaifi from PSG, are trying to get clubs to sign a paper. 

This paper says that even if the decision doesn’t go in favour of UEFA, the clubs promise to stick with UEFA competitions. They’re getting ready just in case a new competition happens.

After the decision on the 21st, there will be a time when we’ll find out all the prepared details by A22 Sports Management. If the ruling supports the Super League, it’s not just talk – there’s money ready in the bank and Real Madrid are leading the way and are fully committed to this project.

On the other hand, UEFA is backed financially by Qatar and could respond with a Super-Champions competition in the future.

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Real Madrid News

PSG president wanted Real Madrid to bear Mbappe’s €80 million loyalty bonus



Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

It is only a matter of days before Kylian Mbappe is officially confirmed as a Real Madrid player.

The French superstar announced his departure from PSG as a free agent recently and even though nothing is official yet, everything points to him arriving at the Spanish capital club.

An official announcement and presentation are expected to take place sometime before the UEFA Euro 2024 starts.

While the move is all but done, it appears that PSG, in particular president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, are left with a bitter taste over Mbappe’s imminent exit.

Al-Khelaifi wanted Real Madrid to pay €80 million

As has already been reported, Al-Khelaifi tried to convince Mbappe to snub Real Madrid by presenting various arguments which had no effect.

Now, French publication L’Equipe has brought forth a report which claims that the PSG president simply cannot accept the fact that Mbappe is joining Real Madrid for free.

And things are now happening behind the scenes which suggest that the Frenchman’s departure will be far from smooth and amicable.

Indeed, as per the report, PSG have not paid Mbappe his salary for the month of April as well as an additional bonus he was due.

This is because of the €80 million loyalty bonus payment that the club had made to the France captain back in February, even though he had waived it off after deciding not to renew his contract.

Headed for an ugly split with PSG. (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images)

In August 2023, after he was frozen out of the team for refusing to extend his contract, Mbapp agreed to give up his loyalty bonus so that PSG do not suffer a huge financial hit as a result of his leaving as a free agent this summer.

However, Al Khelaifi made a U-turn and granted Mbappe the loyalty bonus in February this year, with the caveat that Real Madrid cover the €80 million as compensation for the 25-year-old leaving for free.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, however, refused that demand as he deemed that it was completely out of the question, as the La Liga champions are not obligated to pay for a player who will be out of contract in a few weeks.

A complete breakdown

Things have not been well between Mbappe and Al-Khelaifi ever since the player informed him of his decision to leave PSG.

The report suggests that the pair are no longer on speaking terms and that lawyers are involved in trying to resolve the matter of the unpaid dues.

PSG are looking for written confirmation that their all-time top scorer will waive the €80 million, which he had agreed to in the past, only for the club to make the payment.

As for Mbappe, he wants the money he is owed as part of his salary which was not paid in April.

Al-Khelaifi has not had the best relation with Perez either and this development further escalates the situation.

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