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Real Madrid unlikely to pursue Haaland after Brazilian star signing – report



It is always easier to take the proven route when faced with a dilemma, but very few dare to take the road not taken. Opting for an untested path comes with a large set of frailties including a high chance of failure, but the high risk can also bring with it high rewards.

According to reports from MARCA, Real Madrid made the bold step of choosing Endrick over Erling Haaland in recent weeks and will not pursue Norweigan International’s signature in the future.

The club’s management is said to have carefully studied the situation of Haaland at Manchester City, including his form, contract, wages and future amongst others. After a lot of thought, it was decided that they would go all-out for Endrick instead of chasing Haaland in the future. Needless to say, Los Blancos’ faith in Endrick is complete.

Immediately after such a decision was taken, Florentino Perez accelerated talks with Palmeiras and has virtually sealed the deal. Now, only the paperwork and related formalities remain.

Real Madrid will pay €72 million for the youngster’s services and will sign him on a five-year contract. However, the catch of the situation is that Endrick cannot join the Spanish club until he turns 18 in 2024.

The player is currently just 16 years old and untested in Europe. Further, he made his first division debut in Brazil less than three months ago. Needless to say, many eyebrows will be raised over the fact that Real Madrid spent their resources on the young boy over the goalscoring machine in Manchester.

Only time will tell whether or not the gamble pays off. However, if Endrick’s exponential growth and scorching statistics are anything to go by, one can assume that the European Champions’ money wagered on a relatively safe bet.

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Real Madrid News

Revealed: The blueprint behind Real Madrid’s €1 Billion revenue ambition



Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

As one of football’s biggest and most successful institutions, Real Madrid enjoy serious perks on the economic front. After all, they cater to a worldwide audience and thus see their remunerations come in from across borders.

The arrival of Kylian Mbappe will only serve to further grow Los Blancos’ fanbase, and with a generational squad set to dominate world football for the years to come, Florentino Perez sees a special marketing opportunity.

According to reports from SPORT, Real Madrid have thus set themselves a target to hit €1 billion in revenue and have drawn up a concrete plan for the same.

The player aspect

As a football institution, one of the most significant aspects of remuneration is the team’s direct winnings in terms of prize money. Having won the Champions League last season and with Mbappe coming in, the team is in safe hands.

Moreover, the average age of Real Madrid’s squad is just 27.1 years implies that the team has significant longevity with little change expected in personnel.

The second important aspect that the club hopes to count on is the crowd-pulling factor that such young players exert on the new generation.

Kylian Mbappe will be the face of Real Madrid’s marketing campaign. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Real Madrid already boast 410.9 million followers on social media and have added 48.4 million just last year. Mbappe, who himself has 132 million followers across Instagram and X, will further amplify that number next season and add to the club’s followers.

It is thus clear that the Frenchman will become the face of the club and the centre for all marketing operations of Real Madrid plan.

The road to €1 billion is thus not complicated, although Perez must be wary that Mbappe is picky with the brands he endorses. Further, the distribution of image rights will be a major factor to finalise.

The new Bernabeu

Having undergone extensive renovation, the New Santiago Bernabeu will take over as the world’s highest-grossing football stadium next season and play a massive role in boosting Real Madrid’s collections. The partnership with Sixth Street and Legends will also be crucial.

Furthermore, the new venue will also serve as a massive economy generator through miscellaneous events. Apart from Taylor Swift, the club also has agreements with Karol G, Aitana, Lola Indigo and La Velada del Ano de Ibai Llanos for exclusive events.

Real Madrid plan to add extra revenue from exclusive events at Santiago Bernabeu. (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)

Needless to say, such events will serve significantly to boost the income and near the elusive €1 billion mark.


The final, yet critical manoeuvre Perez plans is to cut the costs on the wage front with a salary reduction of €0% already being made in both 2019-20 and 2020-21. That was, in fact, one of the major reasons Real Madrid stayed on their feet in the pandemic.

Player sales is another element where the men in white have worked their plan, getting rid of the older players while their market value was still high and reinvesting the cash into younger talents who can serve for at least the next decade.

The club recorded north of €800 million in income last year and the €1 billion mark is not too far off. Needless to say, the coming year could thus be special for the men in white.

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