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Report – Real Madrid veterans more likely to leave than stay



Photo by Yasser Bakhsh/Getty Images

Within Real Madrid, the winds of change whisper tales of departure for two midfield maestros: Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, reports journalist Antonio Romero via SER (h/t SPORT).

The once sturdy pillars of the club now find themselves lingering on the outskirts rather than being in the heart of the team’s midfield. 

With contracts set to expire come June, the trajectory of both Kroos and Modric resembles a narrative much like what happened at the end of the previous season.

Romero, in his analysis, describes a shifting landscape for Kroos within the club’s inner circles as the season progressed. The German midfielder, once firmly established, now finds himself in an unfamiliar situation, with his future in ambiguity.

“First it seemed like yes, then it was a maybe and now he is closer to no than yes,” Romero began by saying. 

“And that is a decision that depends more on Kroos. Madrid has put it on the table because they understand that he is the one who has to call the club.”

Pessimism with Modric

Similarly, Modric’s future appears bleak, albeit with a glimmer of hope as talks with Florentino Perez are still pending. However, even this optimism comes with uncertainty, hanging on the outcome of impending discussions.

Toni Kroos and Luka Modric might leave Real Madrid at the end of the season. (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

“Luka Modric and the president of Madrid will have a private conversation, but before this conversation takes place, what must be said is that he is away from Real Madrid.

“Then the movie can change: the president adores Modric and Luka welcomes staying in Madrid, but there are external connotations that directly mark this case,” added Romero.

Ancelotti wants them to continue

Amidst all this, one figure stands resolute: Carlo Ancelotti. The manager has consistently advocated for the retention of both Kroos and Modric, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the team. 

Yet, even his support is tempered by the realization that the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the midfield maestros themselves.

For Kroos, the season has been a testament to his enduring influence, his presence on the pitch resonating with the same presence that has defined his tenure at Real Madrid. 

In stark contrast, Modric has found himself relegated to the bench as he slowly saw his once indispensable role now being taken away by shifting dynamics within the squad.

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Real Madrid News

Real Madrid send ultimatum offer for Alphonso Davies, comfortable with three existing players




Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

A recent report from Defensa Central has revealed that Real Madrid are interested in signing Alphonso Davies from Bayern Munich, hoping to secure the deal for a fee between €30 million and €35 million.

Currently, Real Madrid’s main focus is on their upcoming Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund. 

As a result, they have not been concentrating much on their summer transfer plans. However, despite this distraction, their interest in Davies has been reignited, marking another step towards bringing him to Madrid.

It is said that Davies remains a key target for Real Madrid and the club is strategising to make a move for him, believing that the time and situation are on their side. 

It is to be noted that Davies’ contract with Bayern Munich ends in 2025, and there are no indications that he plans to renew it. Real Madrid are banking on this uncertainty to pressure Bayern into selling him.

Bayern ready to part ways with Davies

It is said that Bayern have made their stance clear regarding Davies: he must either extend his contract or be sold this summer. 

Davies has not yet made his decision known, although Bayern suspect he is leaning towards leaving. He hasn’t responded to their offer of a salary increase, which would pay him around €13 million gross per year. 

Real Madrid are still interested in signing Alphonso Davies (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

Bayern are unwilling to raise their offer and are keen to resolve this situation quickly to plan for the next season.

Real Madrid are loving this drama

As days pass, Davies’ market value decreases slightly due to his inconsistent season, marked by injuries and patches of poor performance. 

Bayern are under pressure to sell him to avoid losing him for free later, which has led to a reduced asking price. 

Real Madrid are aware of this situation and remember Davies’ impressive performance in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals at Santiago Bernabeu, where he scored a spectacular goal.

Real Madrid are in no rush

For now, Real Madrid are aiming to sign Davies for as little as possible within the €30 million to €35 million range. 

They are in no rush since they already have two capable left-backs in their squad—Ferland Mendy and Fran García—and are considering buying back Miguel Gutierrez. Thus, securing a new left-back isn’t an urgent need for them.

Nonetheless, Real Madrid are committed to acquiring the Canadian star. Their scouting team has long recommended him, and negotiations have been ongoing since last summer. 

There is already a verbal agreement between Davies and Real Madrid, indicating that the club’s interest is serious and well-planned.

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